j o y c a t z
JOYCATZ  is an alternative vaporwave band with a target audience of predominantly young adults. The album, Tailspin, was written during a tour of the West Coast, USA while the band stayed at a friend's beach house for some R&R. Inspired by the colorful culture they encountered, Tailspin represents a comfortable yet vibrant aura of the small coastal town they'd come to love. The band needed graphics, layout and mockups for a vinyl record album case and tickets for an upcoming promotional tour.   ​​​​​​​
" Everyone should be excited to buy any L P for its collectability and style. Not just because they're, like, a die-hard 
follower. It should make people think,  Woah! 
I want to hear that one . "  
V1:  note a variation of spine color. The idea being that, when fully 
folded and stored in a stack, it was still relatively visible among competing subjects.   
V2:  spine changed after some informal testing... V1 
didn't actually stand out much. Replaced with corrections.  
" Picture yourself on a misty boardwalk watching the tide come in on a chilly morning. You're filled with a sense of joyful anticipation for the day that lies ahead. That's kind of how we'd describe the feeling  . "   ​​​​​​​
vaporwave AESTHETIC
   |  Encompassing A Vibe
GRAPHICS  needed to visually express the correct tone of the music and invoke
an engaging experience for the listener. We chose the album's color scheme after some deliberation on how best to convey the sense of a unique beachside getaway. It was important to the band to have a unique product that stood out from their competition and remained loyal to their established branding. So it had to attract attention in the mainstream market, and offer its own visual journey that was pair-able with the music.The band liked the idea of listeners experiencing the music and the record together. 
ATTENTION  to visual hierarchy was needed for the back 
cover set list and song credits. The layout blocks and offsets each song 
list for a more engaging viewer experience as the eye travels across 
the cover. Contrasting reds were used for the song numbers and disk
sides, but the titles and credits were kept dark and neutral to improve readability.
Album Cover Front & Back 
Establishing thematic elements using a stylized gradient shape subtly reminiscent of ocean waves.
Blues & greens with red accents proved effective choices when weighting text. 
   |  Smooth & Seamless

    SPREAD  across 3 separate packaging components, the goal 
for the inner envelope is to reveal an aesthetically pleasing 
experience for the viewer as they open the album cover. We
ultimately decided to add this feature to the packaging as it 
is an often overlooked opportunity to add interactivity.
On the inner side of the envelope: the LP sticker becomes a 
component of it's encasing design. When reinserted into the 
envelope, the disk slides in to "complete the visual puzzle".
Inside Envelope Sleeve wraps around front & back in a puzzle piece style spread. Slices of the gradient shape asset were masked onto the LP stickers. 
LP Stickers feature large text for the corresponding sides A / B.
Track names and numbers are included for convenience in recalling the set order. 
Brand on the run  |  
BRAND IMAGE   was important to consider,
as the concert itself served mainly as a platform to
promote the band's new album and boost merchandise sales.
Concert Ticket Side 1 A masked portion of the grid graphic along the bottom continues onto the tearable stub on the left. A subtle visual cue the ticket holder which end to present at admission. I won't mention how
I also made the logo type for the tour name- and boldly set it at a premium ticket price. 
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